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Gardening time again

Ok. Enough of the winter stuff already. It has warmed up a bit and we thought we would use the bean tower and plant some early snow peas. Hopefully they will be done by the time we are ready to plant the pole Limas. This will be our first early spring crop. I am already thinking about adding bed number 3. I don’t know about the seeds but I am looking forward to warm weather – as long as it doesn’t shoot up in the 80’s.

And we’ve got a great start to the solar production. We only paid for 14 kwh in February and we are now watching the meter run backwards. They read the meter March 8 and it was 1111. Today it was down to 990.

These last couple of months I hung the clothes on racks in front of the woodstove. I plan to do the same all of next winter.


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