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One can’t get a new RV without doing a few upgrades…

First thing – those mirrored closet doors had to go… courtesy of Wallpaper for Windows


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RV Pictures

A few pictures of our new weekend home:

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What a day….

June 2 finally arrived! We got to the dealer around 11, and started our pre-delivery inspection. Thankfully we found no issues and were on the road home around 2:30.

My “no I’m not at all nervous about bringing it home” hubby must have been a lot more nervous that he wanted to admit! He snapped at me every time I tried to talk to him! Admittedly tho, driving a new fifth wheel down a major interstate on a Friday afternoon probably wasn’t the best idea. By the time we got to the Delaware tho, he was a bit more relaxed.

We stopped by the house and loaded up all the things we’d been collecting over the past year to outfit our new digs. Headed to the campground and backed in with no trouble… then when reaching under the bumper to grab the electrical cord, hubby proceeded to slice his arm open on the sharp diamond plate on the rear bumper! If he had turned his arm just a few degrees the wrong way, it could have been a *major* injury severing an artery. It took a trip to the emergency clinic and 6 stitches to close the wound.

The rest of the weekend went fairly uneventfully. We brought the dogs down, but they were too excited and nervous so we took them back home after about an hour. Got up early the next day and ran home to feed them and get a shower.

The cat enjoyed herself tho – until daughter stopped by with her puppy – then she went into hiding!

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